The Lion Tamer’s Daughter

Author Comment

Published as two volumes in the UK, with Lion-tamer separate, but all four together in the US. I remember little about the process of writing. The Spring came several years ago, in response to a commission for a creepy story. I'd already had a very vague idea about the old tale of the Green Children, and doppelgangers had come into it, but it changed a lot in the writing. The other three I did to give myself a break when I was stuck in a longer book. Touch and Go is set in a house that had been in my family for nearly three hundred years. I lived there for part of the war, and remember the problems of black-out on those enormous windows. I think I started Checkers as something to pass the time on a long flight — hence the claustrophobic effect, perhaps. Lion-tamer began from a loose rottweiler coming stalking towards us, head lowered, hackles bristling, while we were crossing a field with our dogs. It was fun to write.


“Dickinson is a stylist par excellence: His limpid prose carries these stories through strange territory.”
Kirkus Reviews


Macmillan, UK - 1999
Open Road, US - 2015