A year on… and a new edition of The Kin

Peter died in the early hours of 16th December 2015 – his 88th birthday. He would have been 89 today.

In many ways this year has gone very quickly, even with the ache in the hearts of those who loved him. We are still unpacking boxes of books, sorting out pictures and furniture and finding them new homes.  I now have the grandfather clock from Peter’s living room, which was in the London house where we grew up.  The clock keeps very good time and its slightly erratic clock strike is a constant, happy, reminder of those times; watching Dad carefully wind up the heavy weights every couple of days – which I now do.

Forgotten family photos have been emerging, too, as we steadily sort through boxes of photos and albums which have been sitting patiently waiting in storage for someone to have time to  look through. We found two lovely ones this week.

One of Peter teaching my sister and I how to fly a kite (approx 1962):

Peter and his daughters circa 1962

Another of Peter on the top of the roof. He had decided that he would re-tile the roof of the house himself  - that was an interesting summer!  My brother John spoke at Peter’s memorial about the poems he left under the tiles for future roofers to find. Family – and any visiting friends – were all enlisted to help. We got quite good at it and enjoyed scrambling across the roof, laying tiles. (He got professionals to do the fiddly bits with lead flashing around the chimney).

Peter on the roof circa 1975

And, of course, Peter’s books live on, with almost all of them again available either in print or as ebooks. He would have been really happy to hear that German rights have been sold in The Kin to Aladin Verlag. So a new edition will be available soon in this lovely list of great children’s books.

The Kin cover

Philippa Dickinson